These galleries contain a collection of photos from holidays and family events and are therefore restricted to family and to those friends who are in the photos.. You'll need a password for these colections - some photos are personal; some you'll also find in the stock photo library.

When you look through them, if you would like a copy of the photo, simply download it - the options are full size or smaller size for your phone/Facebook. If you want a print, I have put up a small number of options provided by Photobox at cost. Simply order what you want and Photobox will deliver the photos directly to you in a couple of days (there is a charge for post and packing set by Photobox in addition to the print cost).

I have only shown a small fraction of the products offered by Photobox and, if you want a poster sized print, or a canvas style print or the photo on a box of chocolates, etc, let me know  and I will enable that option in the menu for you.

Oh, yes - please do let me know if you like the photos :-)


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